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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by NRI's
Can NRI's take Rupee - Currency Policy of LIC?
Can NRI's take Foreign - Currency Policy of LIC?
In India, LIC markets only Rupee - Currency Policy. However, clients residing in U.K. , Fiji and Mauritius can take Pound Sterling , Fiji Dollars and Mauritian Rupees denominated policies respectively from our branch offices in those countries. Similarly, LIC (International) E.C., Bahrain - a subsidiary of LIC operates among NRI's in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Clients can take US Dollars, Bahrain Dinars and Saudi Riyal currency policies from them.
What are the types of schemes offered by LIC to NRI's?
All individual schemes marketed by LIC in India are available to the temporary NRI's holding Indian Passports. Foreign Nationals of Indian origin can take LIC policies during their stay in India. However, joint life plans having term insurance element and plans having health insurance are not allowed.
What are the Housing Loan Schemes offered by LIC to NRI's?
LIC Housing Finance Ltd. a subsidiary of LIC looks after this portfolio. Interested clients may kindly access their website - "http//". All the requisite information regarding housing loans to NRI's are available there.
Does LIC offer Overseas Medical Insurance for people visiting abroad?
No, LIC does not have any scheme of visitors Medical Insurance for people traveling abroad.
What are the addresses of Foreign Offices of LIC?
The addresses of our Foreign Offices are as stated below.
U. K. Branch:
LIC of India
York House, 13th floor,
Empire Way, Wembley,
Middlesex - HA9OPX.
U. K.

Tel. : (0044) 020-8902-5294/5
Fax : (0044) 020-8902-5281
Email :
Mauritius Branch:
LIC of India
LIC Centre
President John Kennedy Street
Port Louis

Tel. : 208 1485/211 0572/211 0465
Fax : (0230) 208 6392
Email :
Fiji Branch:
LIC of India
LIC House
Butt Street
G.P.O. Box 266
Fiji Island

Tel. : (0679) 304 148
Fax : (0679) 312 499
Email :
Bahrain Office:
LIC (International) E.C. :
1st floor, Ali Al - Wazzan Bldg.
Al - Khalifa Avenue
P.O.Box 584

Tel. : (0973) 210 610
Fax : (0973) 211 577
Email :
How can an NRI pay the premium under the policy ?
The manner of payment of premiums under the policy is as follows.
a) For Rupee Policies on NRI's
By direct remittance from abroad through Banking Channels in approved manner (preferably by Indian Rupee drafts drawn in favor of LIC of India) or by remittances through postal channels like Foreign Money Order.
By payment out of funds held in Non-Resident (External) Account or Foreign Currency (Non- Resident) Account with a Bank in India.
By cheques drawn by Non- resident policy holder on Bank Accounts held in India in his own name (either solely or jointly with another member of the family) whether or not the account has been designated as non-resident.
By cheque drawn on account maintained by resident parent or spouse of policy holder in their own name or joint names with other close relatives.
By the absolute Assignee in India wherever such policies have been absolutely assigned to a resident in India.
By the employers in respect of policies issued to their employees who have been deputed abroad by them.
Premiums can be paid in cash by a resident parent or spouse of the non-resident policyholder subject to his / her submitting a letter stating the relationship with the policyholder.
Premiums due on policies issued to Indian students who have gone abroad for higher studies may be collected in Rupees out of the Resident Bank Account in India or any of their representatives in India by cash or cheques.
Note :
In respect of premiums collected in cash from sources mentioned in iii) to viii), it should be noted that the policy moneys cannot be paid abroad in foreign exchange but has to be paid in India only.
b) For policies held on foreign register of LIC
Premiums on foreign currency / Rupee policies issued by overseas of LIC and held on their foreign register should be collected only in foreign currency.
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